When do I start Hair Replacement?
As soon as you find thinning is causing you concern - this is usually before others notice.

What happens if I contact you?
We will invite you to have a confidential chat at one of our centres, or at your home.

What is Hair Replacement?
This can be applying a removable 'second skin' with colour matched hair or surgical transplants from an unaffected part of your scalp.

Does it hurt?
The 'second skin' technique does not hurt at all - surgical transplant can be sore for a while after each session.

How does 'second skin' work?
A removable, extremely thin microporous base material has colour-matched hair applied to it to complement the area to be covered. This is placed on the area with adhesive and styled to match. As your hair continues to thin, a larger base is made to fit.

Can I do sports, go out in the wind, wash my hair or swim?
You can do all the things you do now including showering afterwards.

Will my head get all sweaty?
Only as it does now. The micro-porous base allows your skin to "breathe" thus maintaining your comfort.

Will it show?
The base material is manufactured so that your scalp colour shows through disguising the application.

What sort of hair is used?
Either human hair or one of the amazingly natural style-able synthetic fibre alternatives.

Can I reinvent my style and colour?
What better time to change your image and take years off your age?

Can a Hairpiece reduce the effects of sunburn on my head?
With your own hair you stood less chance of sunburn as the hair formed a partial barrier to the sun. Similarly with a hairpiece and with the added barrier formed by the base material. However, no known trials exist to quantify the possible reduction of the sun's effects in this way so, until then, you should still take the utmost care!