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At Nu-Style we offer a complete range of accessories to keep your hair replacement in first class condition from the largest men's hair replacement company in the U.S.A. - Premier Products.

How to order

Our full range of accessories is available via mail order for our U.K. customers.
Simply download our Order Form here (PDF file).

Below are details of some of our most popular and highly recommended accessories.

Prelude Shampoo

8 fl oz (237ml)

Mild cleansing shampoo. Especially recommended for human hair. Safe for delicate, damaged or colour treated hair. Protein enriched. Light, pleasant fragrance.

Allegro Shampoo

8 fl oz (237ml)

Cleansing shampoo for normal to oily hair. Helps remove excessive build-up caused from daily use of hairsprays, styling gels, etc. Helps remove excessive oily build-up from scalp secretion.

Conditioner ll

8 fl oz (237ml)

Conditioner rinse, recommended for human hair and synthetic fibre after using Prelude or Allegro shampoo. Protein enriched, contains panthenol which thickens and repairs hair; leaves hair or fibre soft and manageable.


8 fl oz (237ml)

Specially recommended for human hair. Conditioner for daily use. Leave in conditioner with sunscreen. Helps maintain curl, reduce frizzing and retard colour fading. Alcohol free, excellent styling aid.


8 fl oz (237ml)

Especially recommended for synthetic fibre hair. Leave in conditioner with sunscreen. Helps maintain curl, reduce frizzing and retard colour fading. Gives life-like lustre, replaces oil in hair, lubricates dry, coarse hair.


8 fl oz (237ml)

Recommended for human hair and synthetic fibre. Light hold, with no build up with normal use. A reduced alcohol holding spray.

Velvasil Conditioner

8 fl oz (237ml)

Silicone based conditioner with sunscreen. For use as a daily conditioner. Especially recommended for synthetic hair. Gives fibre a smooth velvet feel. Helps reduce colour fading. Protects by coating fibre. Non oily. Makes synthetic hair feel velvety smooth.

Super Solv

8 fl oz (237ml)

Extra strength adhesive remover. Especially recommended for removing adhesive residues. Non oily. Not a primary skin irritant. Not harmful to materials.

E-Z Off

8 fl oz (237ml)

Adhesive and tape residue remover. Oil based, helps to avoid dryness to the skin. Extremely safe for scalp and hair system. Exceptionally pure. Minimal skin irritation. Pleasant herbal mint fragrance.


8 fl oz (237ml)

Helps remove scalp irritation and itching. Cleanses and refreshes scalp. A delightful antiseptic blend of analgesics and astringents. It contains Australian tea tree oil which is a natural germicide and fungicide. Removes excess oils from scalp.

Aqua Bond

1 fl oz (29ml)

An acrylic based adhesive designed for lace based hair systems. Aqua Bond can also bond lace and poly based hair systems to the skin with superior strength and comfort. It is strong, safe, easy to use and economical. This adhesive is great for up to two weeks of adhesion. Longer adhesion times can be achieved when used with Top Guard (see further below).

Sigma Bond

1/2 fl oz or 1 fl oz (29ml)

An adhesive that can be applied direct to scalp or tape area to give extra strength to tapes. Safest adhesion against perspiration, also waterproof. Available with brush applicator (1/2 fl oz) or dab on adhesive ( 1fl oz). This is highly recommended by Nu-Style.

Top Guard

1 fl oz (29ml)

A must for all wearers. Scalp protector. Forms a tough, thin, protective film to prevent irritation from tape or adhesive. Improves adhesion of tape. Waterproof and sweat-proof. Container with dabber top.

Ultra Hold

3.4oz (brush-on)

This brush-on adhesive is the leading standard for soft bonds. It is famous for its long hold times and has a clear non-yellowing formula that is used extensively in the medical industry.

Strong grip tape

12yds or pack of 40 for Front or Back shaped tape

Protects hair replacement systems from permanent attachment adhesive. For clients who require extra strength tape. Also available in shaped tape; "Front" or "Back". Each pack contains 40 tapes shaped front or back.

American Mono

25m roll or 5m roll

Easy remove, light-weight tape.


1 unit or 6 units

Restores your hairpiece to its original colour. recommended for use on human hair every six weeks.

The Hair Comb Doctor

Reduces the risk of hair loss in hairpieces when styling.

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